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For those who love cooking, there is nothing more enjoyable than going on one of our Italy cooking tours. Not only will you get to taste a lot of Italian food, you will also learn how to make it and test the taste of dishes made by expert chefs. At the end of the day, you will also be pampered with the best dishes made from the best chefs of Italy. Our tours will teach you to cook and help you learn about the culture of the place as well.

Learn everything about cooking

Italy cooking tours will equip you with all you need to know to throw a party back home and be a great success. The chef will teach you everything from the basics to how to make the most sophisticated dishes all in a week’s time. As you learn how to cook, you will also be treated to lip smacking meals on all days.


You will be accommodated at the most picturesque places of Italy complete with the most modern amenities for a perfect vacation. With the lavish meals served in the perfect setting, you will have nothing to complain about the Italy cooking tour. If you have always wanted to impress people at home with your culinary skills, our cooking tour in Italy is the answer to your prayers.

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A vacation well- spent

In addition to learning how to cook in the kitchen, we will also take you to an outdoor food market which is an experience in itself. What is a cooking tour in Italy without learning how to make delicious pizzas? The tour always ends with an afternoon spent in making the best pizzas you have ever tasted. You will leave us wondering if it was really you who cooked all the delicious dishes.

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