Italian Cooking Regions


Experience the vacation of your lifetime with a holiday in the Italian cooking regions

Food and wine are two words that are synonymous with Italy. Experience it our way – through the hands of the natives. Our holidays take you through some of the best Italian cooking regions so that you can learn from the very best.

Our tour selection

Our cooking tours are handpicked carefully keeping you in mind at all times. We have tours that cover the Italy cooking regions of Emilia Romagna, Umbria, Piedmont and Le Marche. Our chefs have years of expertise and knowledge in this field are true artisans of what they do. Indulge yourself in hands on cooking experiences with them while you delve into their knowledge storehouse of all the aspects that pertain to Italian cooking. There is no better way to experience great Italian food.

The activities

Our activities during your tour in the cooking regions in Italy are what set us apart from the rest. Our hosts and chefs not only take you through how typical Italian dishes are made but they also get you involved in the preparations for the meal. Your chef will take you along to the local market place where you can learn how to pick the finest ingredients, you can visit an herb garden and see and learn how the various herbs that are used are grown etc. Your chef will even introduce you to some of the best eating places that are off the beaten track.

It’s all about what you take back

Our tours in the cooking regions in Italy are tailored to give you memories of a lifetime. They could be leaning how to make pasta or tasting wine. Our tours blend both traditional and modern aspects of cooking in Italy to give you an experience that is wholesome.

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