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Tips to choose best cooking school tour

Surfing through the net, I came across a plethora of cooking schools in Italy. Below mentioned are some questions that I asked myself before selecting the cooking school tour.

Why have I chosen to go in for Italian cooking schools?

Was it for lots of lessons on cooking or for plenty of wine visits that I decided Italy to be my culinary destination? The answer was that I wanted to combine the fun of enjoying good food and experiencing the richness of Italian culture. I asked the tour companies about the number of cooking lessons they provided and the recipes they covered. I also came across an interesting package that provided an opportunity to cook and dine with an Italian family in their home.

Experience of chef

I also enquired about the reputation of the chef employed by my chosen Italian cooking school.  I did this to be sure that I was going to have a delightful cooking vacation without any disappointments. I came across certain customized packages where the tourists were given the liberty to choose their own set of good cooks and go for a private culinary excursion. Although this was a fantastic proposition for food lovers like me I decided to settle for more professional and ethnic cooking classes with highly qualified chefs.

Type of lessons and number of students

While selecting a cooking school in Italy, I also had to decide whether to go in for individual or group lessons. I preferred a private cooking class with myself and my family. I opted for hands-on lessons over demonstration style cooking classes. I wanted to enjoy making as well as eating delicious dishes. My kids and my wife were excited about the idea of seeing me cook.

Italian cooking schools attract tourists from all over the world. Apart from the delicious food that it has to offer, the beauty of the city too was an added bonus for me.

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