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Try This New Way Of Spending Your Vacation

Spending a small vacation learning the skills of being good in the kitchen is probably one of the most productive yet fun ways of enjoying yourself. As you will be taught by experienced chefs, you can be sure the food will be good. Our Italy cooking tour package will ensure comfortable yet reasonably priced accommodations in Italy.

The attractions

While taking cooking tour packages to Italy, you will learn a lot more than the right way to mix dough and the right herbs to use. Wine tasting is one of the main attractions and people just love how different the wines can be. You will also be taken on guided tours as scheduled to places around Italy which always includes the local market.

Places to choose from

From Florence, Tuscany to Piedmont, there are a lot of places to choose from. Our Italy cooking tour packages will include as much action into the week as you can imagine. In spite of the busy schedule, you will be given a few afternoons to relax and enjoy Italy by yourself.  Our Italy cooking tours package is the best priced and you get to do a lot more than other wine tasting tours that are more common.

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See Italy through your food

Make Italy your home for one vacation and take home a lot more than just your relaxed self. Our cooking tour packages to Italy are one of the most popular and they are popular for a reason. Everybody coming in gets the royal treatment and a class that teaches you everything from preparing gelato to stuffing zucchini. You can also walk through some of the most beautiful buildings of medieval architecture. If you have a week, you now know how to best spend it.

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