Italian Cooking Vacations


Italian Cooking Vacations- Go Once and Enjoy Many Times

Pasta, wine, and the Italian countryside: a dream holiday is now a reality.
Take an Italian Cooking Vacation. We offer holidays where you can see and learn, not just as a tourist with photographs and webcams; but with hands on experience. With your table laden with delicious pasta and exquisite wine; you could bring heaven down to earth with your fingertips!

The Winsome Trio

Our cooking vacations in Italy have become popular, because of the tried and tested trio, pasta and wine in beautiful locations.Our itinerary takes you along various parts of Italy, each having specific regional flavors in both food and wine. From the southern coast of Amalfi, to the heart in Tuscany and Florence, where you could visit and even enroll in a cooking school. Our holidays always include the prize winning wines of Piedmont.

Pasta and Wine

We naturally offer the Italian staple, in all its varieties. Whether it is simple spaghetti, baked lasagna or stuffed ravioli, your cooking vacation in Italy is going to be a palate full of delight. We take you through vineyards that are a connoisseur’s pleasure. The simple grape crush transforms itself in the dark cellars that hold the secrets of a refined art form. At inception itself, Mother Earth has been especially indulgent to Italians, imparting a distinct flavor to the produce of each region. Whether it is a dry or a red wine, our tour helps you to identify and savor the unique flavor of different regions.

Wanderlust in Wine Country

Our wine tasting tours will take you through vineyards from Piedmont to Veneto in the north, through Rome, Florence and the Tuscan countryside, to the Amalfi coast in the south. Whether you are a traditionalist, who enjoys his red wine or a modern Chardonnay fan, your Italian cooking vacation is one you will cherish.

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