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Italy- The Boot on the Sea
As if the land was readying to rise and walk on the waters, from ancient times Europe has stepped out into the new world from Italy. So this ancient land of many million stories holds stores of vast riches, some of which you will discover with our Italy wine tour packages.
Our Italy wine tasting tours taps into the riches stored in the vats in the cellars of Italy; that silent darkness where Mother Earth weaves her magic into the grape so cherished by the Italians, lovingly gathered from her bosom, made into a syrup with ancient wisdom and returned to Her.

In time, She transforms it into a liqueur so subtle, rich and as distinctive as the soil from which the grape blossomed and ripened. The world descends to partake of this heavenly brew. She is prolific. She is perfect.
The wandering millions who find their way there say: “Italy is not only the largest producer of wines, but above all a producer of great wines.
Is it a surprise? It is only natural.

As once a soul descended to share some bread and wine with humanity, so in the heart of Italy, in papal cloak lies the throb of that heart , calling man once again to partake with all its brethren a simple meal of bread and wine.
To still the torment of the soul, the Mother has distilled the juice of the simple grape, and waits patiently, in Italy.

The bread perhaps is now evolved into a pizza. The wine however is as old as the hills.
Our Italian wine tasting tours, takes you along these paths trod by a multitude of seekers, where your palate can be thrilled to a gastronomic ecstasy and you will lament your departure.   

All subsequent holidays may become wine tours in Italy! You will look forward to another eventful adventure in Italy. Wine tours included.

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