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Italian food never fails to tingle our taste buds so if you want to be able to do it at home all by yourself, an Italian cooking tour can be of great help. From learning our recipes to tasting all the different kinds of wine, it will be a very productive vacation.

Cookery highlights

Who doesn’t like a nice tiramisu on a hot afternoon or as dessert? Go back to where it started to learn it right. Our expert chefs not only know how to make it well but they are pretty good at teaching you all the Italian recipes as well. Then of course, there is pizza. You will not have to go hunting for the perfect pizza base anymore as we will teach you exactly how to make the perfect pizza all from scratch. All you will need is a little practice to swirl and toss your pizza dough.

Hands- on experience

If you have tried cooking from printed recipes, you will realize that some things are best taught in person. On our cooking tours, you will have chefs teaching you at least four classes of only Italian food recipes.  This can be a great learning experience as you will learn the small things that make a difference to the taste of the dish.

What will you learn?

From preparing spaghetti, rositto, gnocchi and different kinds of pasta, you will also learn the preparation of different soups at our cooking tours. Italian cooking recipes that are written to make understanding easy along with a taste of how a good dish should taste like, you will be all ready to open your kitchen to a whole new range of food. A look at our recipes from the best of chefs, you will know you have come to the right tour.

Our Recipes

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